Residential Conveyancing Work Fees Table

From 01 April 2020

Main Fee

In residential conveyancing transactions, both purchases and sales, we charge our clients a main fee of 0.15% of the value of the property involved (subject to a minimum of £600.00) plus any applicable additional fees.

Applicable Additional Charges

We also charge additional fees when one or more of the following apply to any transaction:

Unregistered Titles 200.00
Defective Titles200.00
New Built property200.00
Approval of a new lease200.00
Acting for a Lender in a contemporaneous mortgage150.00
Direct Deed of Covenant with the Landlord100.00
Landlord’s Licence to Assign a lease150.00
Landlord’s Consent to Mortgage150.00
Expedition of a transaction150.00
Redemption of a Mortgage150.00
Completing SDLT100.00
Anti money laundering check100.00
Introduction or change of a party midway100.00
Arranging a title or other indemnity insurance policy100.00
Bank money transfer30.00

This list is not exhaustive. We quote separate fees for any transaction which is not straight forward or for any item of work which is not covered by this fee table. If this applies we will let the client know about it in good time.

1. This table applies to all conveyancing transactions involving purchases and sales of residential property up to the value of £1,000,000.00.
If the value exceeds this amount please contact us to obtain transaction specific quote.
2. Our minimum charge on the value of the property will be a minimum of £600.00 (up to a value of £400,000.00) plus the applicable additional charges.
3. VAT as appropriate will be payable on top of all our fees.
4. Disbursements are not included in our fees. These are, mainly, various search fees, Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees, and all charges which become payable on the client’s behalf to third parties such as a Landlord of a leasehold property for registering a Notice of Assignment. These must be paid in addition to our fees.
5. In some cases our partners will allow discounts depending on the nature and the circumstances of the transaction such as prior knowledge of the client, transaction or the property.
6. We quote our fees on the basis that all work will proceed on a straightforward manner to an exchange of contracts and completion thereafter. However, we will revise our quote if it becomes necessary due to change in circumstances or clients’ instructions.
7. 7. We will confirm all our quotes in writing once the client gives us the instructions to proceed.
8. As the transaction progresses, from time to time, we will review and revise all our quotes as necessary and let the client know about it.
9. Our quoted fees will cover all the works to be done from the taking of initial instructions and up to notifying the client of the conclusion of the transaction by registration at the Land Registry.
10. We will make pro- rata refunds to the clients if a transaction does not proceed to exchange and completion for any good reason, depending on the circumstances.
11. In our experience, normally, a purchase or sale would take about three months to complete from the time the draft documents have been issued or received, as appropriately.

People who will be carrying out the work

Mr Saman Widyaratne, a partner of the firm, is the Head of our Conveyancing Department. Mr Abul Hassan is our Senior Partner. They both undertake all the residential conveyancing work with the help of other staff at the firm.