Immigration & Nationality Fees Table

Valid from 01 April 2024

Consultation fee - any matter - limited to one hour (deductible if any one of the following fee is paid in full subsequently) 200.00
Immigration Applications to Home Office
Immigration Leave to Remain – all routes800.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain – all routes800.00
Protection/Human Rights Claims1,800.00
Transfer of conditions400.00
Home Office Travel Document or Certificate of Identity400.00
Citizenship Applications
Naturalisation as a British citizen – all types600.00
Registration of a minor as a British citizen – all types400.00
Status and non-acquisition letters each100.00
EEA Applications
EEA – all types600.00
Entry Clearance applications
Visit Visas – main applicant - all categories600.00
Each dependant600.00
Work Visas – all types1,200.00
Each dependant600.00
EEA – all types600.00
Settlement – all types1,200.00
Appeals to First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Appeals – all types1,600.00
Additional fee for each adjourned hearing400.00
Appeals to Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal
Application for permission to appeal to UTT - Made to FTT600.00
Application for permission to appeal to UTT - Made to UTT600.00
Application for permission to appeal to CA - Made to UTT600.00
Application for permission to appeal to CA - Made to CA1,600.00

Notes :
1. We quote our fees on the basis that all work will progress on a straightforward manner to a satisfactory conclusion. However, we will revise our quotes if the application or appeal, as appropriate, become complex at any stage.
2. Generally, the fees cover all the works from the taking of initial instructions and up to including the advising on the outcome of the application or appeal, as appropriate.
3. Where a dependant or sibling makes any application or appeal at the same time as the main applicant we will charge an additional fee of £200.00 each if the same grounds apply to all of them.
4. We will make pro-rata refunds to the clients if the application or appeal ends prematurely for any good reason, depending on the circumstances.
5. We will agree the fee in advance for any application or appeal which does this table not cover.
6. In some cases our partners will allow discounts depending on the nature and the circumstances of the application or appeal such as the prior knowledge of the client.
7. As the transaction progresses, from time to time, we will review and revise all our quotes as necessary and let the client know about it.
8. VAT as appropriate will be payable on top of our fees.
9. 9. We have included Counsel’s fees in the appeal fees.
10. Disbursements are not included in our fees. These are, mainly, all Home Office fees, visa application fees, Immigration Health Surcharge, Premium Service booking fees, Court fees and other charges which become payable to third parties such as DNA fees. These are to be paid in addition to our fees.
11. We charge separately if any single travel fare incurred is more than £50.00, then it must be paid in addition to our fees.
12. We are unable to give any time scales on how long an application or an appeal will take to conclude. These depend on the Home office, the Tribunals and the Courts. However, we assure all our clients that we will comply with all the deadlines, where reasonably possible, in making the applications and following them up as necessary.

People who will be carrying out the work

Mr Abul Hassan is our Senior Partner and supervisor for the Immigration & Nationality Department. Ms Liyan Wu is our practice Manager. Ms Hana Berhanne is a Legal Assistant. They all undertake Immigration & Nationality work with the help of other staff at the firm.